Tail lift fleet delivery

Conditions of service

  • All goods must be secured to the pallet and shrunk wrapped with no good overhanging the pallet sides
  • All pallets carrying bagged traffic must have a solid top and base or have a cover strong enough cover to prevent bags dropping through
  • Delivery window is 09:00 to 17:00, Monday – Friday
  • Re-delivery Charge : 50% of original charge
  • Returned goods: as per delivery charge
  • All pallets carried under RHA conditions 1998 with increased transit liability cover up to £5000 per tonne when distributed through the pallet network.
  • Pallets for tail lift delivery are restricted to 1000kg each
  • Economy pallets can be prebooked for a specific day between 2 – 5 days

Please call for information on our hazardous or European services

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