Container de-van services

Container de-van services

Container destuffing or unloading can become a disruptive yet necessary activity that most warehouses and storage facilities encounter on a regular basis.

With an increased focus towards international sourcing and import of freight, container deliveries are increasing in frequency across most businesses. The role of the supplier is to maximise available space in the container, which can causes difficulty for the receiver, with heavily block stacked and mixed freight arriving.


The Bartrums Road Services warehouses handle container deliveries for a number of clients on a weekly basis. With a facility and staff fully trained to handle the worst of container packing, the unload process goes quickly and seamlessly. This provides a invaluable option to customers and saves labour and costs.

In addition to container destuffing as part of a full warehousing solution, customers may also utilise Bartrums Road Services for unloading services only. Referred to as Cross Docking, a container is unloaded, products checked, then palletised and shipped directly to a nominated address. In most cases this can avoid double handling and works where space or resource is at a premium.

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