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Hazardous pallet network

A National hazardous pallet network handling over 2,000 pallets & parcels every night with over 50 ADR depots providing secure and safe handling for all your dangerous and hazardous goods. Bartrums are a member of the Hazchem Pallet Network, all staff are fully ADR trained, all depots have full ADR facilities and are fully supported by HERS – The Hazchem Emergency Response Service (HERS). The Network provides transportation for most of the 9 classes of hazardous goods such subject to quantities and volume; contact us today if you need more information.

The Network Hub is a dedicated facility with controlled quadrants which are segregated by chemical class providing a safe and controlled environment.

The Bartrums depot has its own DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser) onsite; the facility has full fire protection, safety showers and segregated chemical containment facilities,

What Classes do we take?

Classes accepted through the network include Classes 2, 3, 4, 5.1, 5.2 (selected), 6.1, 8, 9.

[Not carried: 1, 7, 6.2 and selected 5.2, 4.1]

What Can I send ?

Max Size 1200mm x 1200mm (48″ x 48″)
Max Height 2.0m(7ft) anything over this height up to 2.2m must be by prior arrangement.
Max Weight 1200kg (1 ton) by tail lift.

Drums, IBCs, Cans, Gas Cylinders, Big Bags and Parcels up to 25kg.

Contact us today if you need more information

Dangerous/hazardous goods are solids, liquids, or gases that can harm people, other living organisms, property, or the environment. They are often subject to chemical regulations.

Dangerous goods include materials that are:

  • Explosive
  • Flammable
  • Radioactive
  • Corrosive
  • Oxidizing
  • Asphyxiating
  • Bio-hazardous
  • Toxic
  • Pathogenic
  • Allergenic

Also included are physical conditions such as compressed gases and liquids or hot materials, including all goods containing such materials or chemicals, or may have other characteristics that render them hazardous in specific circumstances.

For the purpose of transportation these materials have been given the following classifications

Hazardous Class 1 – Explosives

Hazardous Class 2 – Gases

Hazardous Class 3 – Flammable Liquids

Hazardous Class 4 – Flammable Solids

Hazardous Class 5 – Oxidizing Substances

Hazardous Class 6 – Toxic & Infectious Substances

Hazardous Class 7 – Radioactive Material

Hazardous Class 8 – Corrosives

Hazardous Class 9 – Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods are more commonly known as hazardous materials, (abbreviated as HAZMAT or hazmat). “Hazmat teams” are personnel specially trained to handle dangerous goods.

The Hazchem Emergency Response Service (HERS)

A joint venture between NCEC, Braemar Howells, OAMPS and Hazchem Network.

This rapid response team provides network members a valuable link to a specialist team trained in chemical containment, emergency response procedures Levels I-III.

The networks rapid response support for hazardous incidents with 24-hour chemist back-up and specialist vehicles.

Hazardous freight into Europe

ADR Pallets and Parcels, Europe-wide. The Hazchem Network now offers the same, 100% ADR-compliant service to 24 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. Parcels to 30kgs, 1+ pallet consignments, IMDG regulations and B.I.F.A trading conditions.

Please contact us for more information on these European Freight services.

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